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what will it take to show you that its not the life it seems.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Jul.16.05 @ 5:53pm]
yeah i deleted all my friends.

May.20.05 @ 11:47pm]

Apr.20.05 @ 4:39pm]
i love shelb and magi.

Mar.29.05 @ 8:06pm]


mm making this friends only because i dont want people reading my fucking pointless life. thank you very much.. i deleted all my friends so comment if u must to read it.


Mar.29.05 @ 7:35pm]

holding on is harder than it seems, when your reaching for so much more, seems so much easier to just give in..*



 people change...and theres nothing you can do about it....



I can't take this anymore
I can't feel this anymore
Won't you take and give her pain to me
'Cause my whole life I've made mistakes
Can you hear me scream?


Mar.29.05 @ 3:18pm]
fucking liars.
what the fuck..seriously.

mm everythings changed..

Mar.27.05 @ 7:19pm]
      -*-Summer-*-  i thought i lost you somewhere, but you were never really ever there at all..  my enter bar wont work n its really annoying me but yeah ((...i love sandy neck...)) lmao..wow this entry makes no sense but whatever. imu..

Mar.27.05 @ 11:14am]
so at church...like 5 minutes into the mass Dean (old man) stopped breathing and everybody was like yea and they didn't find a pulse or anything for a little and then they put him on the floor of the church n they pulse and it seriously took like 10 minutes for west barnstable fire department to get to the church n our lady of hope is like 5 minutes away from it but..yea it was scary ..thats all..

Mar.27.05 @ 12:00am]
holy shittttt.
*Ladder 49*
is seriously one of the saddest movie ive ever saw..i dont think ive ever cried that much during a movie mg. i love that movie.

Mar.25.05 @ 4:40pm]
Yea.. so I'm probably going to stop using LiveJournal because I don't feel like updating.. I don't know.
Anyways..not like anybody reads this so. Whateverr.

Mar.22.05 @ 5:49pm]
well that last thing got totally screwed but oh well.

Mar.22.05 @ 5:46pm]

hmmiwelldschoolkwasyjustithecbestathingrever..wasnteit nothingshappenedoat lilemalluicdonthknowwworkedhwithelexininuaclabothatutooklforeverdincaagod damnrday. jesusechrist..andlummmethatssaboutsit...FUNaFILLEDbDAY!. wahoooparty. goduittwasmsoenice  out. but  noo  the  fucking  nice  weather cant  stay  we  just  have  to  get  hit  with  some  more  fucking  snow. joy  to  the  fucking  world. i  say  that  to  much..oh  well  fuck  yourself. Text Color


Mar.21.05 @ 7:38pm]
ummm...ya school sucked? um idk lol

bus.....um i talked to magi the whole time..nothing new.. yea thats all.
oh yeah people r fags and fucking need to learn when to get a life. god fucking damn..


Mar.20.05 @ 9:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]

friday mm magi n shelb slept over n we saw the ring with people and then saturday went to beauty n the beast n they were here all day and then 2dayy CCJ RED 14s* tournament and we did pretty goodddddd 3rd bitch and then we coulda done better but the fucking refs dude they have a fucking problemw ith us because their 16 teams got beat by 14s ha suck it ahole..and there were hott guys and seriously if ur gnna call with r blocking but then go and do the same thing n not call urs? wtf. FAGS.
seriously... soo yea good job girls red* love you guys..good times.
oh n number 54 and her coaches can fuck themselves CUZ THEY SUCK Seriously who laughs when a volleyball hits a person n goes "yes" HVE SOME RFUCKING RESPECT. god damn we r only 14 SO U SUCK..k im done.


Mar.17.05 @ 8:53pm]
[ mood | waiting for magi to come back. ]


and it all meant nothing.

okay so next time you dare to complain.. catch yourself and make sure you dont do the same thing because its wicked annoying hearing you complain but uh then you go and do it? right its only okay if you do it because i mean seriously the world revolves around you.. doesnt it


Mar.16.05 @ 9:47pm]
mm i really want to go tubing..and ill go by myself for all i care..even lmao
im going june 1. i swear..
n i wanan go fishing..random but.. wateverr.

mm summerr..

Mar.16.05 @ 12:45pm]
I HAte being itchy..blah
magis home ha.
and im watching this rlly weird tv thing on tv...ya lmao
OMG Fuckin itchy. god damn

blah boys suck! [Tuesday
Mar.15.05 @ 7:13pm]
[ mood | idont know.. ]

is there anyone out there...

okay so um..school sucked..lmao and me and claire like walked around the school a few times lmao for njhs it was funny cuz mr anderson yea and then lmaoo  and then um...i like died in english and ss i was so tired and then um...hm other stuff happened.. lmao like wati said to katie that i cant repeat lmao. um ...and then bus was i think funny i dont remember and then ater me n shelb went to magis and then left to walk to shelbs cuz she had to go to the ortho..and then we took pics when she was there lmfao and shelb took the funniest pic omg it was hilarious and then magi came and we walked to the village and lmfaooo. shelb threw a snowball at my butt so i threw one at her face..and then she was running to throw one at me but i ran up with magi and she was running towards me and she went into like the muck and slipped lfmao and it was hilarious omfg lmfaooo and then..thats all..it was funny

i love you 2



Ihbc! lmao shelb.. i rlly do though BOYS SUCK.thank you lmfao...



picking up the pieces of a life youve broken.
stitching it together with the seams wide open..


Mar.14.05 @ 6:50pm]
[ mood | blah ]

school sucked..ididnt want to be there i practically fell asleep in english and ss..and spanish idk..i hate that class..

i miss last yr and sixth grade..everything was so much better..
idk ..everybody just seems to be going away..


Mar.13.05 @ 6:55pm]
lmao so this morning was volleyball i rlly didnt want to go but it waqs funyn magi was fnny haha when is she not..but i was being rllyl wweird cuz i was hyper and she makes the hand motion saying im crazy to flavia n started laughing and she was like step away from the premisis lmao it was funny and other stuff it was funnnyyyyyy. and lmao i didnt know where to go cuz i was in the front row and stuff and i was like magi where do i go and she goes you blop back there and it was funny lamo and then came home showered and went to the mall with my budss. -mag n shelb- and it was funny we were loud and lmfao at the food court when we were pigging out ha wat else is new shelby started eating her noodles but it fell out n landed on her jacket n then haha um..i went to get a sip of her drink and it didnt work she yelled and magi tried 2 seconds later and she yelled n everybody was staring at her haha and we were there 3 times this week .ahaha oh weelllll. and umm other stuff happened then came here and stuff hapepned lmao we were being rlly loud n stuff on my landing thing and then we turned the corner and mark was sitting on the couch staring at uss lmao it was hilariouss..hadda be there but i loveyou guys*

-new ones from my housee.

Mar.12.05 @ 9:25pm]
i seriously hate my ankle. screws EVERYTHING up.. so i can play vball n jump n shit but i cant skate..how long has it been since ive been out of pt?..umm almost 2 months..godd...

anyways pics from shelbs*



Mar.12.05 @ 8:17pm]
[ mood | i got my loli pop.lmao. ]

okay sooo
after school on friday i went to magis at like 8 something and then to shelbys at like 8:45 and yea..awesome? and then we ordered cinnastix and cheesy bread and were being our normal loserish selfs..and we played scrabble lmao. and um lmfao shelbys room smelt soo bad in the morning lmfao. but hey what do you expect.lmfao. but umm other stuff happened..i love you girls... and then we went home and showered and got ready and stuff and then we went to the mall/movies and so shelbys mom bought our tickets and like at 4:05 we went to get in but the guy wouldnt let us in he said we had to go talk to his manager dude..and we got there and he was like your mom lied to us and magi was like um lmao and she said stuff and they were like saying stuff it was so funny and then um we saw robots. lmao i liked it haha..and then anyways when we were walking around the mall these guys go to us "sup ladies" in a hott voice..lmfao idk how to describe it but ..and lmfao magi pushed me into this girl lmfao it was funny and um lmao we were in ae in the dressing room for like 20 minutes and magi was our slave lmfao she got us clothes haha. and thenn um lmfao shelb thought sexual healing came on the radio and she pushed me and goes omg our song and everybody in cvs and other places looked at us it was hilarious..and then oh lmfao before that we were gnna go into cvs for "no reason" but lmao shelby was like no somebodys in there and i was walking in and she was walking out and we crashed it was funny and loud ahh we are seriously wicked loud and annoying lmao i love you two..good times..and tomorrows volleyball and i REALLY dont want to go and get up early cuz i dont want to run lmao..and then we are going skating after maybe possibly lmao..and then..thats all..
volleyball tournament*next sunday.


Mar.11.05 @ 3:58pm]
[ mood | boys suck. ]

mm everything sucks..
nothing really exciting happened at school so... wateverb

bus was comfy ha.. and no im in a bad mood.



                                          why care when you dont

stupid snoww



Mar.10.05 @ 9:13pm]
[ mood | I HATE SCHOOL.FUCK yOU!! ]

okay so school sucked mm i was comfy and wow people r such fucking assholes they judge too much and other stuff but ha. anywho HAPPY. um. lmfao after school lmfao i went to magis n with shelb n brooke and i had major lmfao yes and it was hilarious and me and shelb kept slipping on the ice i almost peed lmfao it was soo funny and in the basement and magi and her "cornwallis cornwallis yes cornwallis" act which was annoying but now its funny lmao but..um n went to the mall and so i was in icing takin my time and brooke and magi and shelby sat in a cheer and brooke n magi were hott adn brooke was like michelle hurry up or smoething and then i was done paying n i waslike okay lets go and shes like idnt want to im comfy lmao and then um..other things happened oh lmfao me and shelby were sliding in the mall and we were hooked in the arms and we went down lmfao and i landed on her omg it was hlarious. and then we were slidding outside on the ice and it was funny good times love you guys and then.. now i have TONS OF FUCKING HOMEWORK AND IH AVE TO GO WRITE ANOTHER ESSAY GODdddd. STUPID SS TOO MUICH HOMEWORK AND I HAVE TO SHOWER >LMFAO REMINDS ME OF THEM< AND THEN OTHER STUFF UGH STUPID. laterr


Mar.9.05 @ 8:45pm]

LMFAO! magi this is to your journal but the stupid fucking "read only mode" wont let me comment! DIE!. lmfao look how dirty that sock is lmfao im dying your such a loser



awesomee* lmfao shelb.


Mar.9.05 @ 3:09pm]

stuff happened today ..awesome huh um..dont feel like typing but at lunch claire like killed her foot n rolled around lmao it was funny um on the bus lmfao brooke found a dog treat thing and mike was gnna eat it and then magi broke it in half lmao and we r gnna give them a dollar 2morrow lmao it was funny so magi ate some of the treat which was nasty n mike ate the half n his face was so funny lmao n he had 2 grapes oh god that was funny/disgusting. lmao

thats all.

fuck all of you who think you are the shit and you really aren't and those who say your friends but just talk shit bout the person your friends with oh and um.. before you backstab people..make sure the person won't tell that person or better yet don't backstab the person at all.. oh and thanks for blaming me for other peoples actions..im me and they are they i didn't do shit to make them do anything to them you obviously had to do something sooo stop fucking blaming me for other peoples actions. and stop fucking involving people who have nothing to do with anything its your battle not anybody elses. GOD.

Mar.8.05 @ 5:55pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

ummm nothing really important happened except one thing that i will not say but it was just hilarious and then..um i saw shelby second block n sat with her on the bus this morning cuz magi n brooke werent on there.. um then stayed after school with lexi n josh was there and took our midterms n i had to rewrite the damn thing lexi got away with it lmao but shes nice n stayed with me till i left and then thats about it...n when katie came to school i gave her a hug n i think i mighta yelled in her ear lmao sry if i did but u kno why i did it soo lmao

um.. and nothing else happened




Mar.6.05 @ 6:33pm]
[ mood | pissed. ]



yea today got up at like 6:30 i thought it was monday so i put jeans on ha im stupid..anways up and then left for chelmsford for the vball tournament and then talked to magi n steph when we got there cuz it was like 9:20 when i went there n i went to dunkin donuts ah bagel was good..anyways um we lost our first two games which we could have won but watever... worked lmfao and these guys came in and magi was like ohh and steph was singing im a lil tea pot? then we started singing we r the titans bcuz we were scoring..and then jordan n megan came over during a time out bcuz of the guys haha and they were cute but anyways we lost r other 2 games and then won r last 2 games and didnt make it to the play offs ha.. 16 yr olds SUCK. lmao when we were watching them we were like they suck and we played them n i swear they got better lmao..actually we just really sucked until the last game and when u slide the stupid knee pads go down n u get burns n they kill and then my ankle hurts but watever..andd it was funny..stuff happened and yea if we were playing 14 yr olds we would dominate but no we have to play fuckin 16 yr olds and loose all the time. stupid coaches. and we r like the only team that was there today that didnt have warm ups. ha we complained lmao. anways im done.. k a r a 10 1590: i saw the sign for chelmsford..and i was like..michelle..that little rat gets to sleep in lmao i love you kara oh and karas team did the same as us 4-2 lmao so i dont feel so bad lmfao.


fuck yourself.


Mar.5.05 @ 8:42pm]
[ mood | fuck you.bitch good im glad. ]


Kristi66229: i was like thinking up my will in my head....1. give michelle my vball 2. give michelle everything else in my room 3. give kara my toothbrush

lmfao.everybody picks on kara.its hilarious.but i still love you kara.


vballl 2morroww ahh lal cant wait


if you dont like being hurt then go away lmfao i love that line in the song.lalal


you did this to yourself...dont complain.


Mar.5.05 @ 2:02pm]

i hate you. assfuck. fuck you. seriously nobody likes you! god fuck you. you did it to yourself NOBODY fucking else. understand it bitch cuz thats just the way it is. ughhhhhhh


anyways .. my best friends *Provalone & Cheddar*  are here. lala. fuck you.

so yea yesterday went to the mall with magi and saw lilly and caroline like 10 billion times and then meet up with.. kevin tot stephen brooke sean and ryan and then shelby cameee after to the movie cursed..even thought we arleady saw it..um and it was funny..and then people r assholes and i cant fucking believe you annd...then we came here and watched raise your voice and semi shark tale but it was scratched..and so was full screen raise your voice so we get it for free ha.f ucker..and then now we r watching it again raise your  voice widescreen lmao..and thats about it..um

"friends" BULL SHIT.


oh lfmao i cried on shelby's arm and it was big spots ahh it was funny..magis singing  lmao


Mar.3.05 @ 6:18pm]
i give up

i hateeee you.

Mar.3.05 @ 5:15pm]

wow thats wicked fucking gay you dont talk to somebody because they are friends with somebody? What the fucking fuck..thats so annoying. GOD DAMN.

LOSER. atleast he has some common sense dude..ur just stupid.


sry shelb i hadda its really annoying..



Mar.2.05 @ 10:18pm]

yea wonderful i just typed this whole long thing and i deleted it whatever ill type it again i dont have anything else to do since nobodys online and i have a sad pathetic life.

so okay.. school was pretty boring? i think i dont remember lmao but at lunch

stephS comes over to us..whos this im taking a sip  ( it was blue powerade..)

kate..i think thats mels

)steph looks around n takes a sip)...oh thats good ill get it, i thought it was urs michelle so i took a sip, she(mel) wont mind

a few minutes later..mel takes out a green powerade and i finish with my capri sun stephT gives me.

kate... mel has a green powerade (i reach for the blue powerade) i seriously dont kno whos that is

me... its mine...

lmfao..i thoguth it was hilarious since katie was RIGHT THERE with me when i got the blue powerade..its my daily routine ..get powerade drink capri sun then powerade...cuz i drink too much cuz im a loser like that..and why the fuck is that all spaced out..its rlyl annoying but nayways

ccd..sucked.. car ride home from ccd...hilarious my throat kills lfmao magi ur voice must be dead lmfao ..that was funny oh god.


boys suck they all  turn out to be COMPLETE. assholes.

ha fuck you all.



k im good.


Mar.1.05 @ 11:06pm]
[ mood | confused ]

the friday sun bears down again
as we drive with our friends
and on these longest days we spend
all the time trying to pretend
that our stories could be true..

nothign rlyl happened.. i had eggs this morning..oh they were so good..lala 2 hour delay better than nothing..sleep ah..and so i got to school like early...random..and so i was with claire n we were tlaking n steph was walking down the hall and she was like why are you staring at me or something lmao it was funny then i went to hr with steph n talked to mrs parker ha..and then um LEXI CAME BACK TODAY i missed her..its empty in class without her lmao.and katie wasnt there i was like KATIES NOT HERE in math n we had a friggen teest thing cuz we didnt have questions? idk n then at lunch i spilt my blue powerade on me and i thought it looked like i peed my pants but allison n courtney were like its only a lil dot and then we got into a peeing our pants conversation? and then steph being the best friend she is peed her pants with me ha she put blue powerade on her pants too lmao..and um..well thats all i cant remember what happened on the bus? was 2day the day magi had skittles or was that yesterday..i really dont remember.. lmfaooo all i remember is laughing rlly weirdly and being rlly loudly and magis laugh was a scream n shelbs face is hialrious when she does it and then ..thats all..yup?


 bye fuckface.

idk anymore   ...if its not too much, could you hear me now...*


and we laugh till we cry
always so hard to say goodbye 
and we all sit round here in our home town
its so good like this, these are times well miss
the memories, i hope theyll never fade...



Feb.28.05 @ 3:34pm]
school sucked .. what else is new
except ha.. kate claire n me were like all laughing and then so yea and then at lunch kate goes no loud so we started cracking up and then mr carlon came over to us and was like stop the giggling or something lmao and on r way back to english marina goes mr carlon will you give kristi a hug shes hving a bad day and mr carlon goes no i dont touch girls lmfao me n kate were cracking up cuz he always does hes like a perv he gets so close to you and then lmfao when we 3 were walking in he goes think of sad things like kittens in a blender lmfaoo and me n katie were absolutely dying cuz of last yr i said puppy in a blender when she was sadn oh god that was funny..and then when i got off the bus hott guys yes..that was the highlight of my day.. oh n magi wonderfully coughed on me for what ioh idk 15th time lmao lala

i hate gold 5.
fuck you assholes.

Feb.27.05 @ 10:36pm]
[ mood | FUCK YOU.. ALL OF YOU. ]

screw you all.

im done
i give up


Feb.27.05 @ 7:44pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

fuckers.Collapse )


Feb.27.05 @ 1:35pm]



youre the love of my life and the breath in my prayers take my hand lead me there what i need is you here..*



school tomorrow...but **Summerlandddd** ahh fucker.


Feb.27.05 @ 12:34pm]
[ mood | okay ]

lala so this morning was vball ha. i got yelled at cuz my mom woke me up at like 7:50 n i went back to sleep n got up at 8:30 ha. innocent..and so yea kinda got ready in the car butt thats okay and then...we had to learn stupid scoring again and then yea we scrimaged n magi called me a bitch lmao it was funny and kept caughing on me for like 10th time god lmoa and next weeks r tournament bitchhh and shelbys coming although shes prob gnna be rEALLY bored and lala cant waittt we are gnna...rcok? lmao more like suck maybe possibly stupid 16 yr olds.
im donee

CCJ Red-*
Magi StephT AlisonK Jordan Meg Lilly StephB Ashley Flavia

she got my icon to work haha. happy


Feb.26.05 @ 9:38pm]
[ mood | sad ]

so yea
today was hilarious. ah i love you mag&shelb ..okay so we went to the mall/movies lmao and we tried on clothes heheh n took pictures lmfao n we were sitting at dunkin donuts and shelby was laughing n then the girl was like i used to laugh like that lmfao it was hilariuos we are so friggen loud omg lmao ha and at the food court lmao  shelby said DAH or something nah watever n it echoed lmao and then they were putting spoons on their noses and it fell n they screamed n everyy1 looked at them lmao and then..um shelby fell on her ass lmfao people made fun of her it was hilarious and other stuff happened but i dont feel like explaining cuz my fingers r numb..but!lmao we wwalked into our movie n something happened idnt remember and we fell on the floor n shelby was snortingl ike crazy lmfao and omg it was just hilariuos ilu2 ..oh and um...the movie was good hehe we screamed.



Feb.25.05 @ 4:51pm]
hehe so im at shelbys now.. and shes in the shower and im quite lonley. cuz nobodys on ..well im sure they are but i have no friends so nobodys on for me
and we were at magis but we had to get ready..thenn. we are gnna walk to the village because we are cool like that and when i went to amgis there was a sign on the door and it said come in so yea..and then i scared them lmao it was funny and me and magi were up till like 4:30 cuz i didnt feel good..hehe and lmfao we took funny pictures shelb went bye bye at 3:30 lmfaoo and magi hit her head and it was like BANGGGGGg wicked loud lmfao and we kept spitting our drinks out because we were laughing so hard ahh i love them. they are my friends. lmao.. and then yeaa..we are supposed to be going bowling tonight..well we are with people.and i hit myh head on shelbys knee CUZ MAGI COLBY pushed me on the bed and shelby was there n my heads bonking it hurts like hell..and im done.

Feb.22.05 @ 11:39pm]
I LOVE MAGI 0:) Hehehehehehe

Feb.22.05 @ 10:11pm]
wow i love how i was counting the days to get down here and now i cant wait until thursday to get the hell out of here bcuz im sick of my fucking family AND I HATE MY BROTHERS AND DAD. god they are such assholes when they are together and chris god i dnt even know what happened to him hes not even nice anymore and mark is only nice when he gets wat he wants but if somebody else wants something oh god no .

fuck faces. die.

Feb.20.05 @ 3:30pm]
[ mood | hehehehe ]

i love magi, magi, magi, magi, magi, magi, magi, magi, magi, magi!!!!!!!

magi is the best
magi is sexy
magi is hot
magi is cool
magi is woah

magi did not write this.


Feb.20.05 @ 2:52pm]
u realize things when your gone that youd never would've guessed would happen while u were there..

kz-4 oclock.

Feb.17.05 @ 7:36pm]
mm so lala in floridaaa and its nice and hott and like pretty here and the water was so nice ahh i love it..

hm people and aim suck..

katie i love youu

Feb.15.05 @ 6:26pm]
HAHA FUCKERS. ME AND MAGI HVE A PLAN.. YOU DONT.. CUZ U SUCK! and ull never know it lmaoo


Feb.15.05 @ 6:08pm]

mm today sucked...n it just keeps getting better..the onnly thing that was funny was midterms cuz like..it just was and i was dying when steph gave this to me..cuz like the pencil sharpner is like almost ALMOST. courtney n steph. taller then me n they were making fun of me and lmao..u prob wont think its funny..its that hadd to be there type of thingay.

.. lmfao oh god we were crying over that.. lmfao oh god..thatts all.


everything sucks. [Monday
Feb.14.05 @ 8:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]

um shelby once again told me to update so yea..
today sucked and it keeps getting suckier hour by hour
um..school..mm school..sucks
except midterms after..me n allison were doing things..n i made her a card that cracked me up like wow..n then her me courtney n jordan went up to mrs brunswick n sang happy bday to herr and saw meg there..and then yea..thats bout it. um 2more fucknig days i can not wait to get out of this god damn hell hole. um.. and jaz told me something WONDERFUL that just made me day .. ha no just made me cry.um..im done.

shelba121: i love you more than anything:-*
well that made me smile.i loveu shelb.

stay, for awhile..


Feb.13.05 @ 8:55pm]
[ mood | blah.stupid things. ]

im updating bcuz..shelby told me to.. and um volleyball was okay i guess 2day and then yea..after i went to the mall with my mother and i had rlly bad cramps n i complained to shelby..we were in pain together..and i told kevin about it and told him other stuff..which i thought was hilarious/disgusting but anywho
and.....thats all

and i def cant wait till fucking wednesday because people are fuckers and i need to get off of cape cod bcuz its annoying me..and i wanna go to the beach with lexi and we can just like watch the hott guys and be in the sunnn away from the snoww and see chriss!! ahh and maybe timm .. ah and go swimmingggggg ah i cant wait till summer I HATE WINTER.
ur a fag.


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